HR Recruitment System

An inclusive recruitment platform that integrates the sourcing and assessment process into one centralized job post management system to help companies fulfill high-volume hiring

Talent Acquisition

Automate all aspects of your hiring process, tackle massive hiring with ease

HR Management System

A comprehensive human resource management platform built for workforces of any scale

Worker Management

Strengthen your core HR bases with a real-time and centralized databases system, advanced attendance monitoring system, and convenient payroll system

Organize & Track Database
Payroll Processing

Why Staffinc Suite?

Hire more workers with less time

Our features, including shareable job post URLs and an applicant tracking system, are designed to help you reach and sort through more candidates faster, supporting your mass hiring needs

Flexible shifting & scheduling system

Create, edit and assign different shifts and schedules to workers across multiple branches with customizable shift patterns and easy shift transfer using the bulk upload process

Ensure reliable attendance data

Acquire an automated system that eliminates the need for intermediaries and middlemen, effectively reducing unnecessary costs in between, giving you an affordable option to sustain a growing business

Lowest price in the market

We provide you with competitive pricing compared to the market since our automation eliminates intermediaries and middlemen, helping you reduce costs and grow your business

Gain efficiency & accuracy through automation

Save more time by eliminating repetitive, manual work handling numerous workers. Gain better efficiency and maintain an accurate process, data-keeping, and calculations with our seamless, automated workflow

Speed up your payroll process

Decrease payroll processing time and maintain accuracy with our easy-to-use automated payroll calculations and distribution system. Adjust the disbursement cycle to daily, weekly, or monthly

Automate Your Field Workers’ HR Process

An intuitive field workers-focused HR platform to automate high-volume staffing, designed to provide transparency and flexibly fit your HR operations

Enhance Your Recruitment and Workforce Management Today!

Retail & Logistic

90% in hiring processing time

50% in payroll processing time

5x in pay-slip preparation time

1,300+ workers
20+ hubs

90% in hiring processing time

90% attendance punctuality rate

50% in payroll processing time

Are you
Food & Beverage

70% in payroll processing time

87% attendance punctuality rate

Are you curious?

295 workers
55 stores in 9 cities
Digital Finance

67% in report creation time

90% attendance punctuality rate

50% in fraudulent attendance

60-70 workers
7 cities
How Staffinc Suite Helps You

We systemize end-to-end human resource process

Main Feature
Job Post Management

Fulfill your sourcing needs through our comprehensive and customizable job posting system

Applicant Tracking System

Manage and organize the entire hiring process with seamless automatic workflow


A robust onboarding process to help you manage new hire retention from material distribution to data collection

Attendance Management

Monitor your workers’ attendance & manage shift schedule anytime, anywhere

Benefit & Payroll Management

Customizable payroll calculation & flexible payment cycle options from daily to monthly

Employee Database

Manage all employee databases to be well-organized, simple, effective & trackable

Employee Self-Service

A feature that allows employees to perform many job-related and to access their own documents and details via a portal or mobile


Track your worker performance easily through our platform to ensure productivity and transparency


Digitalize every small step in the recruitment and management process, giving you room to increase productivity

Talent Sourcing

Get a bigger chance to be seen by millions of potential applicants

Contact Center

Stay connected to your workers, get the insight as well

Earned Wage

Allow workers to access their salaries flexibly