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Common Challenges Faced in The Retail Industry

The Solutions We Offer


Hassle-free integrated system to manage multi-outlet operations

Monitor & track workers' attendance with different shift schedules or hourly-based level across retail locations supported by geotagging & geofencing features

Enhance Your Recruitment and Workforce Management Today!

Centralized and Well-Organized

Centralized and systemized Worker Database feature stores the documents well-organized

Automated and Accurate

Integrated system automates processes for accurate payroll disbursement and calculations for daily to monthly

Systemized and Easy to Track

Systemized Task Management feature supports traceability and real-time worker performance data

Run multiple HR processes efficiently!
Hard to find the updated workers’ data

Incomplete and scattered workers' database due to constant workers churns

Complicated task assignment & monitoring

Generate shareable links distribute them to reach more potential applicants

Error in payroll

Generate shareable links distribute them to reach more potential applicants


Maximize the productivity of your workforce in high density locations and operate HR processes digitally

Manage the entire HR & hiring processes of hundreds to thousands of workers in your factory effortlessly through a single dashboard with no room for error


Optimizing system to cater HR processes, all in sync

Enhance your multi-branch operations; from complex shifting patterns & daily checklists all in control by our real-time traceability HR Management System


A Flexible, Automated HR System to Handle Multiple Clients & Branches Efficiently

Ensure the entire HR process run automatically, handle tasks from multiple clients and boost your output efficiently


Keeps all the business processes under control to secure customer satisfaction

And patients care by simplify all time-consuming HR administrative process. We cater all HR processes automatically to ensure the business tasks in sync


Strengthen the business tasks under control

While we help you maintain the time-consuming HR processes. Improve process efficiency by reducing manual work in HR operations to cater fast-paced digital industry

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Hassle-free and Reliable

Hassle-free configurations through a reliable system to monitor workers' performance

Integrated and Automated

Integrated system automates administrative processes for accurate payroll and disbursement calculations

Complicated performance monitoring

Hard to monitor workers' performance due to constantly changing shifts and schedules

Impractical attendance data collection

Inconvenience attendance data collection takes too much time to translate into a payroll report

Manual overtime

Tedious workers' overtime trackers potentially increase the discrepancy rates

Unorganized worker database

Cluttered hard-copy documents and manual submission

Sudden excessive demand

Excess demand leads to complex shift assignment or changes with 24 hours roster